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A Tropical Destination Wedding in Montego...
Autor: cherylrichard
03 lutego 2018, 08:54
According to Kelly Wallace, she and Blake Santos met as high school seniors in 2008, but Blake remembers it differently. “As juniors, we worked on a project together in history class—in a group of three people,” he explains. “Clearly I made an impression!” However it happened, the two were inseparable by graduation. And after eight years of dating, Blake knew he had to make their engagement really count. “We’d been together for so long, so I felt that the best way to mask the real surprise would be with another surprise,” he says. Blake arranged for both of their families to visit the couple in Washington, D.C., and he brought Kelly to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial under the pretense of a “work function.” “As we walked toward the Memorial, Blake suddenly turned left, and I saw a huge group of people huddled together,” Kelly remembers. “They suddenly turned around and yelled, ‘Surprise!’ and I realized it was our families.” At that moment, Blake got down on one knee. Kelly’s family is from Jamaica, so choosing to head to the island for their wedding was easy. “We were going to have people traveling for our wedding no matter what, so why not have them join us somewhere beautiful?” Kelly says. The pair spent 11 months planning their wedding, then headed to Montego Bay to exchange vows. “We booked the venue sight unseen but loved that planning was so easy because the Hyatt took care of everything,” Kelly says. And, finally, on December 18, 2016, they filled the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall with the people they love most, invited photographer Bonnie Sen to capture the action, and officially tied the knot. With views like this, it’s no surprise that Blake and Kelly booked their wedding venue based on pictures alone. Says Kelly, “We were able to spend a weekend at the hotel a few months before the wedding, finalizing all the logistics, which was really lovely.”